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Friday, October 20th 2006

10:51 AM

Thank God It's Friday!

Hi Everyone!

Wow...it has been really busy around here....First everyone most likely already knows about the Freak Snow Storm that hit Westen New York last week.....everyone was hit really hard...our imediate area did not recieve but a little snow...everywhere else around us did along with some major damage...Thank God for all the help from National Grid and NYSCEC Workers and all of the Forestry Workers and the National Guard....for working night and day to restore electricity for some 300,000 people...and for the removal of all the downed trees.....and to think it isn't even winter yet!  My heart goes out to all of the families who lost a loved one during this time....if anyone is interested in seeing pictures of the storm you can click here...it will take you to one of Buffalo's News Stations Web Site (Channel 2 News) where they display photos that people have sent in from all over Western New York...

Courtesy of MsTags.com
Courtesy of MsTags.com

 My mom went into surgery on the 19th of October to have her vein in her right leg replaced....the surgery went well...she is in ICU for 24hrs. and then will be moved to a regular room to recup for 4 to 5 days...I ask for your prayers for her speedy recovery...Last night she was in alot of pain....My heart is with her....I couldn't get close to my mom yesterday before she went into surgery due to the fact I am sick...must have caught something the grandkids had....it really hurt not to be able to hug her and I could see the pain on her face cause she really didn't understand why....but the Doctor told her later that I was being very smart and careful....not to get her sick.....I did wear a mask when I went down to her house and all the way to the hospital.....The hospital she is in is a wonderful place...the nurses and doctors are terrific....I am so Thankful that she is in good hands...God Bless You All.....

Two Sundays before.....on October 8th (Mike & My 12th  Anniversary) I threw a surprise birthday party for Mike....We had a wonderful turn out and Mike had a wonderful time....I have never seen him smile so much....Thank you everyone for coming and sharing with Mike your presence was deeply appreciated as were all the gifts he recieved, more important the love which surround us all that day!  God Bless

Guess I had better go try and get some rest...gotta shake this bug....it really has a hold on me!

I hope your weekend will be a pleasant one and the week to come even nicer...Know you are all in my thougths and prayers...Take care and God Bless Everyone!


Much Love, Linda

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Posted by Beyond the Confines...:

Hi Linda
Yes, I did hear a little about that storm & I'm so glad to hear that you didn't have any damage done. I'm so sorry to hear about all the major damage done else where tho, & my heart goes out to those that suffered

Oh hun, I pray that your mother is coming along fine now after her surgery! I hope that you are recovering from your bug too! I'm keeping both of you in my prayers.

And belated very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
How very nice of you to throw a surprise party for your hubby! I'm glad he had a great time & hope that you did too!!

I'm going to go & check out the link with pics of the storm.
Take care
Wednesday, October 25th 2006 @ 10:00 PM

Posted by Beyond the Confines...:

Wow Linda! I had no idea that much snow had been dumped, or that that much damage had been done How scary!
Those pictures are incredible!
Wednesday, October 25th 2006 @ 10:04 PM

Posted by Whispers Of The Heart:

Thank you Cathy....yes i am thankful we personally didn't have any damage...but seeing everyone around you suffer was hard to do..knowing that there really wasn't anything you could do...the pics are amazing aren't they. As for the bug I still have it...doesn't seem to want to go away...My mom, well she is resting comfortably at home now....but between her first surgery and coming home she experienced a frightful ordeal...guess her leg started bleeding from a staple that had pierce her artery...she lost alot of blood but they were able to get her into emergency surgery and fix the problem...she was so scared...said it will be awhile before she goes back in to have the other leg done...We thank you for your thoughts and prayers...Oh lord during all this from going from Buffalo to Canadaquia every night, to see my mom in the hospital...Jenn had been assaulted by her husband...he attacked her from behind in broad daylight....hit somebody she was talking to on the street then hit her in the back of the head, grabbed her by her hair and dragged her down the street....someone grabbed a two by four and hit her husband with it just to get him off of her....then she had to go pick her children up from school...then went to the police station and filed a report of assault....then sat in the emergency room half the night till they released her....if this wasn't bad enough for her she was fired from her job two days later....thankfully Jenn went out the same day and found another job....God Bless Her....she is going to make it this time...she is strong and bond and determined to live her life without him dragging her down....He hasn't worked in over two years...she has been carrying the load finacially and still fighting her cancer....She needs everyones thoughts and prayers as well at this time...I want to thank you for stopping by...I haven't had much time to be online but will get out and about after the weekend...I have to go and take care of my mom for the next three days
Friday, October 27th 2006 @ 9:01 AM

Posted by Beyond the Confines...:

Oh my goodness Linda! I'm so very sorry to hear all this has been going on!! Oh hun, you poor sweet lady, I'm so sorry
I didn't realize things were like that with Jenn & her husband. That's too bad, but I'm certainly glad that she is trying to get out of that kind of bad situation. It's too bad that she can't have a good, loving husband to help her thru her rough battle with cancer, but I guess there are situations where one is better off without a spouse. Oh, I do pray that she & the kids will be OK!

And your poor mom, bless her heart! Oh, how scary that must have been for both of you!

Oh Linda, I pray for the very best for you & your family hun Please give them my regards & best wishes
You hang in there & keep your chin up
And have a fun Halloween
Tuesday, October 31st 2006 @ 12:21 AM

Posted by Lucky_star:

There is not a lot i can say after all that! Its a scary world and it sure isn't getting better fast I am wishing you and your family the very best from now on
ps. You have a lovely layout here.
Friday, December 8th 2006 @ 5:31 AM