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Tuesday, August 19th 2008

11:45 AM

WOW...It's been awhile....since I posted here!!!

Wanted to take a moment and wish Chris, Jenny, Jill, Lil Chris & Zachary a Happy Birthday again....seems like the years are just a rollin on by....don't know where they are going!!!


I noticed that I forgot to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!!   That was a big OOOPS...well if you know me you know it was just that...oooops.....the 4th was really good except for the neighbor boys who thought that they had to put on their own Fourth of July Spectacular....which most of it fell around the car, pond, dog, houses, nothing like a gigantic "Bondfire" to go with your celebration...No nothing caught on fire....but it could have!!!!  We have a park like setting just down the street from us and they could have used their aspiration for pyromania down there....Hope everyone reading this had a Happy & Safe 4th!!!!


Wanted to get some exciting news out.....We are going to be "Grandparents" again....Chris and his fiance Jenny are expecting and Jennifer and her husband Tom are expecting...and I beleive the girls are just weeks apart in their pregnancys....Isn't that AWESOME!!!!


I looked at my statistics and I see that there have been over 3,ooo hits between July and August....yet not too many are dropping a line....Please do even if it to just say "Hello!"

Many things to do today and must really get them done...so for know Take care and God Bless!


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