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Tuesday, February 21st 2012

5:26 PM

Was a good year till July 2011!

In July I found quite by accident that I had a tumor in my right lung and if I did not get it taken care of I would be dead by the end of the year!  The tumor turned out to be Small Cell Carcinoma (limited) to the right lung.  It can not be operated on because it will just show up somewhere else in the body.  I have had my three rounds of Chemo and my two rounds of Radiation.  I wait now for three months at a time and then go back to have a cat scan to make sure it has not spread.  It likes to hide in the body and well they just don't have the equipment today to actually find it but I know soon they will with the way technology is today it won't be long.

When I say I found out quite by accident I did....I went to the ER under the impression that I had "food poisoning!"  I h ad bought some almonds from "Sam's Club"  and I was eating then when all of a sudden I become deathly ill, stomach pains like you wouldn't believe, vomiting, it was terrible....well I don't go to the Dr.'s so I let it work it's way through me.  Well like an idiot I ate more the next day...and the same thing happened....Alright of to the ER I go....I am really sick....never felt like this before ever!  

I was in the ER for six hours, the one man came in and said, we think you have pneumonia so we are going to take a cat scan of your chest.  The stomach pains had gone away.  An hour later the man came in and said to me, you have a tumor in your lung and the size of it has collasped your right upper lung by the airways.  You will need a biopsy done right away.  Needless to say I had to think about all of this...I told the man I was going home, I had three grandchildren circling the parking lot with my husband as the driver because it was 1'o'clock in the morning.  I had custody of all three of my grandchildren.....I needed to go home and think this through.  Which of course I did but agaisnt the Doctors wishes.  

It has been not the best year, but it hasn't been the worst either.  I am doing all right so far.  Only time will tell....this is all in God's hands now.  
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